April 9, 2019

Denture Care Center

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Denture Care Center

Our Denture Care Center in Fairbanks Alaska covers these main areas: Hamilton Acres, South Fairbanks, Aurora, Westgate, Fort Wainwright, Slaterville, Bjerrmark, Lemeta and Totem Park. No matter whether you're interested in dentures, partial dentures, implants or adjustments and relines, our Fairbanks denture care center offers quality care to satisfy your demands and budget.

Before coming into our denture care center in Fairbanks, you might be experiencing issues associated with your smile: tooth pain free dentures, or even perhaps a reduction in self-confidence. At our Fairbanks Denture Care Center we understand how significantly dental issues can harm you. That's the reason why we make it simple and convenient to get you the very best help possible.

Dental Insurance Agency

There is an abundance of information out there in regards to finding the best dental insurance agency in Fairbanks Alaska. Especially when you need dental coverage in either: Aurora, Hamilton Acres, Bjerrmark, Westgate, Totem Park, Lemeta, Slaterville, South Fairbanks and Fort Wainwright.

Before obtaining dentist insurance from a reputable dental insurance agency, our Fairbanks Dental Clinic highly recommends speaking with an actual dental insurance agent who can both educate and guide you throughout the entire process.

Working with a professional dental insurance agent in Fairbanks AK can give you a real advantage and peace of mind. They will review dental strategies and provide you with totally free quotes so you can find the best plan that satisfies your personal needs and budget.

Although; keep in mind if you are not wanting to speak with a Fairbanks dental insurance agency, it is relatively easy to enlist on your own through the internet. Our Fairbanks dental clinic only suggests this if you know your way around a computer and know exactly what you want from the Fairbanks dental insurance agency.

No matter what route you decide to go, you have the flexibility and freedom to pick from a range of great benefit options that include usage of Fairbanks community providers that can help keep the price of your care low.

Your local Dental Insurance Agency in Fairbanks can help you find the coverage you want at no additional expense. The right dental insurance agent will help you get the coverage you need so you can get the smile you want!


Our Fairbanks Denture Care Center offers the best dentures and dental implants. We provide many different designs of dentures with exclusive features and advantages. Our dentures in Fairbanks are available all throughout Fort Wainwright, Hamilton Acres, Slaterville, Bjerrmark, South Fairbanks, Lemeta, Westgate, Aurora and Totem Park.

It really is a huge a part of our mission to make sure that our Fairbanks dentures are a perfect fit! Call us anytime whenever you have a question about a specific design. Our dental hygienists in Fairbanks are eager to help.

Our denture dental center in Fairbanks, Alaska has an on-site dental laboratory that fabricates new dentures and provides repairs and relines; often within the same day depending on how large of a project it is.

Our ability to provide dentures in one day is truly a significant advantage, especially for patients that have traveled from a far distance. Our state-of-the-art laboratory eliminates the need for an outside commercial lab. This is one way our Fairbanks Denture Care Center helps keep your price low.

Our exceptionally skilled laboratory specialists have made thousands of dentures in Fairbanks. Their training and practical knowledge are resources to both our Fairbanks denture and dental implants clinic and give you the confidence that your dentures are being fabricated locally in Fairbanks AK.

Denture Implants

Give Your Dentures Increased Chewing Strength and Stability

Under certain conditions, our doctors of dentistry in Fairbanks (Fort Wainwright, Westgate, Bjerrmark, Slaterville, Aurora, Totem Park, Lemeta, South Fairbanks and Hamilton Acres) Alaska can use dental implants to help your current set of dentures remain firmly in place and increase its overall chewing power. Retrofitting your existing denture is known as stabilization.

Expert and Seasoned Dental Denture Implant Services

The inconvenience and discomfort associated with dentures are now a thing of the past. Our oral surgeons (periodontist and prosthodontist) are highly trained and experienced in denture implant placements.

Our Fairbanks Dental Clinic is exceptionally trained and experienced implant dentists who have demonstrated amazing surgical competencies. We have made a partnership with the International Dental Implant Association and the International Academy of Dental Implantology.

Our Denture Implants Clinic in Fairbanks AK delivers state-of-the-art service in implant dentistry. We have access to the best Fairbanks periodontist who specialize in denture implant placement and treatment for our patients who have complicated or challenging situations.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Dentures

Dentures have long become the method of replacing the full arch of missing teeth and until recently they were the only option offered. Dentures have numerous disadvantages which make them a less than ideal solution. Traditional dentures slide out of place, make noises when you eat, cause painful chewing sores and provide 10% of natural chewing power.

Wearing dentures additionally accelerates bone reduction in your jaw. This bone loss causes the dentures to become free again and again through time, resulting in the demand for repeated relines and refits. This eventually reaches a point in which no denture can be made to match properly.

How Denture Stabilization Is Performed

Our Fairbanks doctor will perform an extensive exam to determine your eligibility for implants and will inspect your current denture to ensure that it is in very great condition and will do the job well with implants.

The doctor in Fairbanks will then place between two or four implants in an arch formation congruent with your dentures and will retrofit your denture with snap-on attachments. These attachments will hold the denture securely in place by the implants. Two implants are the minimum required to provide ongoing stability. Placing four denture implants will increase your chewing power drastically. Your denture will nonetheless be readily removable for cleaning or other care.

After this procedure, your dentures will not move around and will be much more comfortable to use. There will undoubtedly be a noticeable increase in chewing ability along with the skill to eat a lot of diverse foods than you were able to before. Adhesives will no longer be mandatory and the sores and discomfort of loose dentures will not be a problem. Give us a call today to find out more about your Fairbanks denture implant options.

Dental Implant Consultation

If you happen to be wearing dentures and want to understand whether getting them stabilized with implants is possible, come see us for a denture implant consultation. One of our oral surgeon doctors in Fairbanks will give you an in depth exam and let you know if you are a good candidate for this type of procedure or if a different approach is the better option. Our Fairbanks denture implant doctor will answer all of your questions in a timely manner.

You can expect the following during your appointment:
A Fairbanks Dental Clinic Doctor will show you all the various options available to you with actual models to help you better visualize your perfect teeth and smile. You will also find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. You will also receive a thorough oral exam, get X-rays and 3D imaging and lastly, discuss your treatment options and get any questions answered.