May 21, 2019

Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric Dentist

At our Pediatric Dentistry Clinic in Fairbanks AK, we feel that dental care needs to start off at a young age, but you want to make certain you start them off with visits that remain comfortable and worry-free in order to make a healthy habit of oral care that will last a lifetime. Our Fairbanks pediatric dentists and staff have vast experience in meeting the dental needs of your children to ensure they love their dental visits so we can find out about their proper oral medical care.

We proudly serve all children living in Aurora, Hamilton Acres, Lemeta, Slaterville, Fort Wainwright, Bjerrmark, Westgate, South Fairbanks and Totem Park. Our dental hygienist team at our Pediatric Dentistry in Fairbanks, Alaska tries for excellence in all that we do. We're pleased to have American board-certified pediatric dentists who have obtained substantial training to provide your children with personalized, quality-driven care; which reinforces their credentials and commitment to exceptional dentistry for young patients.

Our board certified pediatric dentists in Fairbanks take yearly examinations to learn about the latest methods of treatments and maintain exceptional service requirements. We are also trained in sedation and behavior management to help your child have a comfortable dental experience. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about the difference in our Fairbanks AK Pediatric Dentistry Clinic!

Aside from pediatric dental treatments, we additionally ensure that the parents and guardians are well-informed on how they can help their children keep their healthy smile for a very long time. We can provide instruction and suggestions for nutritious diet plans, snacking and oral care customs that will stop childhood tooth decay; which has become probably the most common childhood tooth ailment in the nation.

Fairbanks Pediatric Dental Clinic

Depend on our Fairbanks Pediatric Dentistry professionals for all of your child's dental care requirements. We provide premium quality, family-friendly dental treatment in the entire Fairbanks area (Slaterville, Hamilton Acres, Lemeta, Bjerrmark, Westgate, Aurora, Totem Park, Fort Wainwright and South Fairbanks). Whether your child is suffering from pain, and discomfort, or only needs a checkup, we can help.

Our pediatric dentist in Fairbanks is aware that a child's first trip to the dentist can become a stressful undertaking, that is the reason why our Fairbanks pediatric dentist focus on making the visit exciting and stress-free. We offer treatments for common tooth troubles and preventative services in a child-friendly environment where parents and children can feel comfortable. In case you've been searching for the perfect pediatric dentist in Fairbanks AK for your children, look no further than us. All of our pediatric dentists have completed considerable training in pediatric dentistry to earn the prestigious title of a board-certified Fairbanks pediatric dentist.

Our high-quality pediatric dental care in Fairbanks will uncover adolescent oral issues in a fast and efficient manner to assist in powerful treatment. We will put you along with your child at ease with accurate and complete communication. We will help protect your child against long-term tooth damage and potential embarrassment(s). We will teach your child the basics of excellent oral hygiene to help them maintain a healthy smile for a very long time. Visit our Fairbanks, Alaska pediatric dental clinic and we promise to provide the very best care feasible for your children to keep their smiles healthy and beautiful. Call us to schedule an appointment for your little one today.

Affordable Pediatric Dentist in Fairbanks

Welcome to our Fairbanks Pediatric Dentistry clinic. Our pediatric dentist in Fairbanks serves the great people of Fort Wainwright, Aurora, Lemeta, Slaterville, Totem Park, Westgate, South Fairbanks, Hamilton Acres and Bjerrmark.

We're eager to provide a favorable dental experience for you and your child. We truly care about your child's dental health in addition to having elevated self-esteem. The ultimate goal our Fairbanks pediatric dentist provides dental care for is to help every child become a better person as a result of having been in our dental office in Fairbanks. 

Discover how our pediatric dentist in Fairbanks, Alaska can give your whole household an even greater reason to smile. Call us to schedule your personal visit with a pediatric dentist today.