April 9, 2019


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A periodontist in Fairbanks, apart from being a specialist who treats diseases of the teeth, gums and tooth supporting structures; has a widely expanded position in modern dentistry. There are two main areas in which a periodontist has become integral. They are cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Let our Fairbanks Periodontist take care of your special dental issues today! No matter if you live in Hamilton Acres, Fort Wainwright, Aurora, Westgate, Lemeta, Bjerrmark, Totem Park, Slaterville or South Fairbanks; we have you covered!

Our Fairbanks periodontist's particular knowledge of soft tissue management and the anatomy of the mouth including bony topography, has been a great alternative for dental implant oral surgeons.

In dental cosmetics, periodontists have the capacity to boost soft tissue symmetry, color, tone and also the quality of tissue accessible through a myriad of methods. Our Fairbanks Dental Clinic has expert periodontists perform all of these services daily.

Gum disease is most often a slow, yet innovative infection that takes a few years to evolve. Just like high blood pressure, it is often quiet. You might not recognize that you even have it. Over time, gum disease can create tremendous dental problems.

If improperly treated, gums progressively recede before the teeth become loose. In this circumstance, when the lower teeth have been lost, much more issues begin with the teeth migrating down, making it impossible or hard to place any kind of artificial restoration without extracting or orthodontically moving the top teeth.

Periodontist Near Me

Our periodontist near me in Fairbanks, Alaska has given individuals a bright new smile they can be confident in for many years to come. A periodontist is not like your usual dentist who provides only a mouth cleaning with a new toothbrush and some dental floss. We offer dental implants, natural and artificial bone grafting, fiberotomy, crown lengthening and periodontic processes for gum recession disease.

We offer our amazing periodontist near me services in South Fairbanks, Aurora, Lemeta, Westgate, Fort Wainwright, Slaterville, Totem Park, Bjerrmark and Hamilton Acres.

Our Fairbanks Dentist Clinic provides one of the few periodontists in the nation that continues to be accredited by Dr. Chao himself for the Chao Pinhole strategy. The Chao Pinhole method is the best and least invasive treatment for gum recession disease. Unlike other gum recession treatments, there is no donor gum tissue grafting, incision, or stitching with the Chao Pinhole process.

A needle is used to make a small hole in the patient's existing gum tissue, therefore the already-existing tissue is simply corrected to resolve the issue. It's results are similar to other techniques used and is a considerably much less painful experience and is a faster recovery time for you. There is no discomfort from stitches because none are used and the technique requires no scalpels. With the use of existing gum tissue the results are natural looking and aesthetically pleasing.

Dental Implants are ideal for people who have single or congenitally missing teeth. We have some time and energy to diagnose you to ensure we provide the very best experience with our Fairbanks periodontist near me dental implants for years to come.

Other Periodontist Near Me In Fairbanks Procedures

Fiberotomy is absolutely crucial for individuals who have had orthodontic treatment or individuals who will have their braces taken out shortly. It is a procedure that consists of detaching some of your tooth-bone ligaments to reduce teeth from moving back into their old position prior to the orthodontic treatment.

A very small instrument is inserted between the gum and the tooth (the gums have been numbed before the procedure) and some of the ligaments have been detached. The tiny ligaments subsequently re-attach to the tooth without being stretched.

Bone Grafting is another strategy provided by our Fairbanks Periodontist Dental Implants Center. Bone grafting increases the bone area around your teeth to replace bones that have been destroyed through bacteria. We provide equally artificial (constructed from non-bone sources) and natural bone grafting (bones from individual cadaver sources)alternatives at our offices.

Crown lengthening is a procedure that restores tooth decay under the gum line, or to get rid of extra gum material to restore normal appearance or to replace teeth that are shorter than average.

At our periodontist clinic in Fairbanks we are extremely passionate about giving you a pleasant and comfortable experience. We understand that for some, going to the dentist can be nerve racking, especially when a consumer is seeking the treatments we offer. That is why we offer numbing and/or IV sedation when needed.

Because our Fairbanks Periodontist's treat everything from gum recession to tooth reduction for many years now, we can resolve just about any problem that comes our way!

If you were wondering who is the best periodontist near me, then look no further! Our dental clinic in Fairbanks AK believes your comfort is the number one priority along with giving you a new-found confidence in your smile.

Dental Oral Surgeons

We are the best dental oral surgeons that Fairbanks AK has to offer! No matter if you live in Westgate, Aurora, Lemeta, Slaterville, Hamilton Acres, South Fairbanks, Bjerrmark, Fort Wainwright or Totem Park; you can rest assured knowing you will be treated by our oral surgeon experts that are licensed by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC).

Our Fairbanks medical doctors and maxillofacial dental oral surgeons can handle all of your full-scope oral and facial surgery issues you might be facing. Our expertise ranges from facial injury and corrective jaw operation to wisdom tooth removal. You name it, we can fix it!

Our dental oral surgeons in Fairbanks are specialists in bone grafting as well as in the placement of dental implants. They are all capable in administering all forms of anesthesia and utilizing state-of-the-art dental technology to perform oral surgeries with laser precision.

Our dental oral surgeons are conveniently located in Fairbanks, Alaska. Our exceptionally proficient dental hygienist team is open to answering all of your questions to meet or hopefully exceed your expectations. Call us today to schedule your private consultation.

Our Fairbanks dental oral surgeons are the best when it comes to dental implants, pinhole gum surgery and wisdom teeth elimination. We provide the best oral hygiene care to all of our patients in Hamilton Acres, Lemeta, Slaterville, Bjerrmark, Totem Park, Fort Wainwright, South Fairbanks, Aurora and Westgate.